(((and please read well every DAYS my place blog in this website thanks)))

 Here you will find FAQ'S Also ,fell free to ask anything .Okay ,almost anything .As open-minded as I Am, there are always limits 

 1) Are your photos real?

My photos are 100% real & accurate. I  told that I look even better in person. I am constantly updating my photos so you will always see current photos of me in my ( Gallery available for members)


2) Why is your face hidden?

I am a very private person and conduct other business “outside” the escort world, so you can see how discretion is of most importance to me. I also have several high profile clients who prefer that I remain anonymous, as it would be awkward if I was “noticed” when in public with them. However, I assure you my physical description is genuine, unaltered and breathtaking.


3)  why i don't POST MY

because, there are many people who are waisting  my  time , thus not allowing Me  to spend time with my regulars customers and my VIP customer's who are very important to Me ...because time is a respected commodity ,,,

I Am Exclusive and my service's are out of the ordinary....Remember my donation are not inexpensive!!!

4) in what time I travel?

 my travel times depend on my reservations ,  I travel alone if I have a list of 10 real customers appointments via email only or form here (contact- place.)

I also travel if a customer wants to see me out of my trips.  (I have different rules for this)

1) the client will have to pay my ticket travel more hotel plus half of the session ... prepay for my visit.

2) fill your information on my form with all your personal data I am very careful in my travels.

3) Your information will be respected and very private

{pay pal system available}

{money grant available]

[deposit directly to my  bank account] available


5) Why  an individual customer pays in advance? hotel ticket and half of the session?

because many times I have to leave to attend to other customers travel to see one person and that is more expensive my time is valuable, so I am sure you will not waste time...

6 ) Why do you need an appointment?

because everyone need  to relax  in their  exclusive time !!!


7) Why my local time in Miami is after 3pm ?
because I work at another job. I am a Personal Trainer and Webcam Model


8) For  in call Miami Private Place 

you  can contact Me here !!!

9) Cost For Areas

Miami Florida in call different cost

Miami  Florida out call different cost

Travel Tour for calendar different cost  ( 1 or more customers )

Travel for particular customer only different  cost (one on one meeting)

new York different cost

Washington dc different cost

San Francisco different cost

All is different also it depends on the time traveling in summer or winter

costs start from us $ 350 minimum

 Depending on the model and the area and time and the session that you are looking

Remember that you are not dealing with anyone ... We Competing Models and recognized in the sporting environment and champions and each model has its own rules

10 ) Appointment's Rules

We are available from 3 pm and appointments have to put two days before if you have a problem gives us time to cancel your appointment and not waste our time .Remember you are not the only customer who visits us and they all deserve good time


 complete form in my  contact page or send Me a email  here. 

We do not discuss prices by email or by everything very carefully

If you have read this and agree ...
we will be happy to visit

Thanks Amazon Chyna Smith


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                                             Thank's......Sexy Muscle Woman.